Folly Cove’s Beach, Wall and The Restaurant

All in one day.

We had a beginner, JM, and a visiting patron from Dallas Edmiston’s shop in Buffalo, SM, as well as regulars Jacki K., LD, and Divemaster in training, Alan Hicks, with a stiff southeasterly breeze predicted.

I needed somewhere that would suit everyone, and Folly Cove was it.  JM and I swam the inflatable filled with gear into stand-up water at the rocky beach and started on the basics.  He’d rented a great one-piece suit from Paul Adler’s East Coast Divers and it fit him really well.  He got the concepts quickly and we proceeded to snorkel diving, snorkel clearing, (oops, fin retrieval), and surface dives.

Everyone else made their first dive along the wall at Calf Cove and beyond.  The visibility was OK, water temperature was 57.  Air temp was in the 70s.

We got into tanks and weight belts for regulator and mask clearing.  No problem-o.   OK.  Onward and upward – or downward in our case.  We towed the inflatable back to the boat on scuba from underwater.  Again, no issues.

The second dive was across the cove in front of the Lobster Pool restaurant.  It was about 25 feet here and Pete took JM for his second scuba dive of the day.  They stayed under the boat and worked on getting control of JM’s buoyancy.

LD took still pictures and video of the beautiful anemones that hang out near this spot:

Anemone at Folly Cove by LD

We had success with Alan getting to ride herd on a real, live visiting diver.  JM got to experience the best of New England scuba diving right at the start of his training.  LD had fun videoing wonderful images.  Jacki got to this side of the cove for the first time this season, and Pat Walsh made quite a splash at the restaurant after she swam the inflatable into their shore, walked up the slope to their ordering desk and got The Captain and me our lunch.  Oh, yeah.  She was wearing a straw hat and her dry suit.  Kinda stopped traffic, she did.

The day was fun and full of surprises as you can tell.  By the time we were back at the marina, the breeze was kickin’ and docking was a snap because it was from the south east.  And because we’re super fantastic dockers these days.

Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

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