Lanesville Shores and S&M

We had the weatherman’s promise that today would be just like yesterday, only warmer and more humid.  I think he only got part of it right.  There was less sun, and more clouds, but only a smidge more humidity.

We had SM again, Bill Low, LD, Diane K., and Richard Brandolini on board with Veronica Atlantis, Peter Donahue and Pat Walsh as crew.  Pete was diving with Diane and chose Lanesville Shores for the first dive site.  It was about 20 feet deep as we set the anchor between Tide Rock and the place we call N*ked Man Beach.

Just as the last person descended, we noticed divers on the surface quite a ways out to sea.  Their float seemed to be racing away with the wind and one took off to catch it.  The other started swimming into shore on the surface.  I got into the inflatable and rowed out to the furthest diver who was also swimming on the surface, but without using his scuba regulator.  He was able to catch the float before I got to him, but he did agree to hang onto my boat and relax for a few minutes.

It turns out his name was Max and the other diver was his 14 year old son, Ivan.  They were from Westfield.  After a little while, we started back towards the shore and the boat.  I rowed; Max swam on his back, towing the float.  He really was doing fine by this time, so we parted company and I started rowing – against the wind – back towards the boat.

About 1/2 there, I was met by Pat and Veronica who were there to help me get headway against the tide and breeze.  Lifesavers.  They towed, I rested.

At the boat, I saw that Ivan had been convinced to come aboard for a rest too.  He saw his dad approaching, so Pat and he swam to shore on the surface, on their backs.  We realized he’d left his weight belt on board, so we hailed Max to come over to pick it up in his float.  He then followed Ivan and Pat in towards the rocks.

By this time, every one was back on board, so we took off for the second site.

Pete picked S&M, a little west of Lanes Cove.  You know you’re there if you’re just seaward of a large brown house with an “S” on its shingled second story.  The “M” on the neighboring house has weathered so it’s only an “N” now.  Everyone went in for a second dive.  It was quick for some and more lengthy for the hardy ones.

The sky was off and on cloud-covered.  The breeze felt downright chilly at times.  I had tomato, spinach and “legal” cheese in pita pouches from V’s generosity and garden.  Ambrosia.

Peter and Diane reported another huge lobster that was too big to take.  They’re everywhere, it seems.

Breezy ride down the river.

Easy docking, though, because the of the southeasterly breeze.

We had fun today.

Oh, darn.  We have to go to work tomorrow.

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