Boys and Their Toys

We had a great group today who were up for anywhere at all.  Linsley and Kevin Mordasky, Linda M., Linda and Kerry Hurd, and LD didn’t much care where we went.  They were just glad to get wet.  Peter and Pat were crew with The Captain giving us directions and dimensions.  I drove the boat.

We’d driven around Cape Ann earlier and felt that going south would give us the clearest and calmest conditions.  There was hardly any wind at all.  Pete recommended the northeast corner of Egg Rock for the first dive.  It turned out to be a super site with lots of wreckage and remnants of a shipwreck right under the boat in about 30 feet of water.  No one found the heavy duty chain links that we knew were here too.  We watched Pete power around on his new scooter.  He was gracious enough to let anyone try it who wanted to.  Of course, everyone did.

It was 57 on the surface and 55 on the bottom at 30 feet, according to Pete.  Linsley said they saw lots of stripers up against the wall.  Kerry and LD were videoing anything that moved.

The second site was Kettle Island’s west side.  I could tell it was calm and hoped it would have clear water too.  Everyone was quick to get in for the second dive and to look for Lobzilla who we had filmed last time we were here.

I don’t know if Pat Walsh found the real guy, but she shot another really big one using The Captain’s camera.  If its right claw is a crusher, then it might pass muster as the stunt double.  Haven’t compared videos yet.

This site was without any decorator crabs today, but was still scenic and placid.  Just the way I like ’em.

The trip up the river was against an outgoing tide, but it wasn’t too tough to navigate.  The little sailboat ahead of us had its work cut out for it, though.  And the big whale watching boat from the Cape Ann Marina waited patiently for lots of little boats to fight their way into the river before he powered out for a trip.

Easy docking in a southeast wind.

Good day.

Nice people.

One Response to “Boys and Their Toys”

  1. veronica Says:

    Ahhhhhh! Sounds like another great day!

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