63 Degrees

All the way to the bottom at 30 feet.  That’s what Pete’s gauge said.  I had guessed 57 degrees.

What a great day!

We had JM, a student in basic scuba, for his second trip.  Pat and Peter were crew.  The Captain maintained high standards and I drove the boat.

After four days of a nor’easter riled the ocean up pretty good, we were thrilled to see that the south shore was calm-ish.  That meant that the visibility might be OK-ish.  No promises.  No guarantees.  Four days of heavy runoff and 12 foot seas had been no fun at all.

As we powered under the Blynman Bridge, we could see calm harbor water.  It was an easy ride down to the back side of Kettle Island.  I anchored behind “Bug” Catcher out of Pittsfield, MA, in about 30 feet of water.

Pete and JM got their dive plans organized and I suited up for some video.  My dry suit was completely dried out for a change, although the water-tight zipper has tendrils of thread that need to be singed off.

The drop to the sand was a surprise because the water seemed warmer than I had remembered.  I was wearing XL gloves because that’s what was in my gear bag instead of my own size smalls.  (I wonder where they went)

The fuzzy visibility stabilized at about 10-15 feet on the shell littered bottom.

I found the left-handed lobzilla that Pat had videoed last weekend.  It had a nice veranda of white shells pushed into place outside its hole.  It served as a beacon for me to find it again after wandering around to see what else was out and about.

Pete and JM finished skills practice and we all decided to just stay here for the second dive too.  Nowhere else was likely to have better conditions.

We dived again and I found LHL again and was able to video it from the side against the rocky face of its high-rise.  Its ripper claw was nearest to me and it was neat to see it shoveling the sand, excavating as it moved closer.  It actually came out to see what I was doing, advanced on the camera, and then retreated.

Our trip ended with a high tide return to the marina with no problems docking in the southwesterly breeze.

Super day.

Great friends.

We wish Pat great tidings of joy on Martha’s Vineyard for her week of vacation.  We miss her already.

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