Nowhere looked great on our ride around the cape this morning.  Surge was the order of the day.  Some places had more and some less, but all were sloshing mightily.

As the breeze picked up around 9:30, we decided to go south, back to Kettle Island, at least for the first dive.  We had Meg T., Bill Low, Linda and Myanna, and DK.  Veronica and Pete were crew.

The day was going to get hot, they said, and it surely did.

Visibility at Kettle was down from yesterday.  Bill reported it to be between 5 and 10 feet.  It was still warm, however.  Folks saw stripers in the shallows and a sea raven deeper.  Linda and Myanna found a bag with two short lobsters in it as well as a weight pouch a ways away.  We let the lobsters go and kept the weight.

MT lost one of her weight pouches as she handed it up to Pete.  We tagged Veronica for the Search and Recovery dive.  She found it and received cheers from all aboard.  The breeze had just about died by the end of the dive.

For the second site, we motored around Egg Rock, into the shelter of Graves Island, and then settled on Divers’ Leap, off Coolidge Point for the dive.  No where else seemed good enough.  The tide was coming in, but the water was still very warm.  Silty and cloudy visibility kept it from being super conditions.  Veronica said this site was better than Kettle, though.

I had stripped down to my bathing suit and was standing under the Sun Shower by the end of the dive.  Passing power boats on their way to lunch in Kettle Cove (a.k.a. Black Beach) were the source of lots of wake.  Everyone wanted to take advantage of one of the last weekends of summer.  Our boat swung on the anchor 180 degrees in the lee of the bluff.

It felt good to get underway for home.  It felt even better to learn that the Blynman bridge, which had been out of commission for 3.5 hours while we were out, was back in full working order as high tide clocked in.  Thank goodness!  I know we’d have been off on a circumnavigation of the island if it hadn’t been working.

Hot day.

Nice people.

2 Responses to “Bouncy”

  1. veronica Says:

    I think we lucked out!

  2. pat walsh Says:

    do you think the bag was from “bug catcher”? they lost the bag on saturday? i’m glad there was a clip that was usable from the whale siting. pat

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