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Lots of Company

August 8, 2010

We drove around Cape Ann this morning, looking for the best site and filming the truck coming and going near popular dive sites.  Most were empty, but the early morning rain had everything smelling earthy and wet.  Cool weather continues.

We decided to go north because Folly Cove was mirror calm.  We had LD, Richard and Bob, Bill Low with Veronica, Pat and Pete as crew.  The Captain kept everyone in line.  I wore my tankini top with running shorts.  Click on the link associated with V’s name above and read her take on the day via her blog.

The dive site across from the Lobster Pool restaurant looked a little too tight with the brisk southwesterly breeze.  The outgoing tide was going to make it even more interesting if I anchored right next to the sea wall.  So, I picked a place around the corner in the nook that is northeast of the typical anchorage.  It’s deeper and would be a little more calm today.

We watched Patrick Scalli and the Frank Scalli interns in two boats anchor across the cove at the point for their annual excursion.  The scholarship program that bears Frank’s name is a wonderful experience for those kids.  Take a peek at the application if you know some young diver who might be interested.  The plethora of dive flags in the cove looked great.

Pete reported that it was in the 40s at 65 feet and 52 above.  There was a definite thermocline because many people mentioned being eager to be above it.  Skates, frilly anemones, northern red anemones, and too-big lobsters were reported.

The second dive was in Hoop Pole Cove, over the top and Halibut Point.  It was breezy here too, but not so bad as it would have been back down the way to home.  This was The Captain’s choice.  Again, the water was cool at 52 but it was also clear.  We only hit about 30 feet at this site.

I enjoyed V’s “legal” snacks and hosed down with the Sun Shower that Pat Walsh got us.

We powered back to the marina and only got a little wet during the showers that sprinkled on us.  It was even good to be cooled off a little.

Oh, darn.

Gotta go to work tomorrow.


August 7, 2010

After a long week of hot, humid, muggy days, the weather turned cool.

We were happy to have JM, LD, Richard and Bob, plus Kat today.  It meant an easy time.  We headed off to the wreck of the USF NH for the first dive, expecting the day to warm up considerably.  Pete and Pat were crew.  The Captain was filming Kat and I drove the boat.

The water was murky and cloudy from the digging that had been going on all morning, as evidenced by the two boats that were already moored at the wreck when we set anchor.  We heard that Arnie P. had already collected two spikes earlier in the day.  And it was only 10:30 AM!!

JM bubble-watched, while everyone excavated their own patches of terrain.  We’re hoping to get him to consider being certified as a scuba diver by showing him how much fun we have on trips like today’s.

I wore my little bomb of a tank, my warm water weight belt and my Fenzy to video what I could in spite of the visibility (or lack thereof).  I saw a clump of day-glo orange sea weed and did a set up shot with it.  The stuff almost quivers with the brilliance of its color.  A surprised sea raven got too spooked to film and no other life was out and about that I could see.

The second dive was to the southwest corner of Kettle Island.  Here it was 57 in the shallows and 52 on the bottom.  I didn’t stay on the bottom very long.  Following a string of abandoned lobster traps, I was looking for decorator crabs to video.  I found a shy guy, cloaked in yellow sponge and with little spirals of yellow sea weed on  his shell.  He completely blended in on the smashed trap where he was living.

I’ve been cautioned by The Captain to shoot these little guys from the side only.  They’re too hard to distinguish from the background otherwise.  Shy Guy wouldn’t cooperate, so I let him be.

Our trip home was quick and uneventful.

Nice time with nice people.

Cool, Then Hot, Then Cool

August 1, 2010

Wash, rinse, repeat.

We sensed the sea breeze before it actually kicked in, and headed north.  There’s protected anchoring from a southeasterly breeze up there.  With Pete and Pat as crew, we had David Mullen, LD, Diane Kelleher, Bill Low, and Alan Hicks aboard today and needed calm water with the possibility of lobsters.  No problem-o.  That’s Lanesville Shores to a “t.”

I anchored in about 20 feet of water, just off the Locust Grove cemetery.  The water was murky on the bottom, but 57 degrees on the surface.  The boat swung on the hook as the breeze alternated between the southeast and the northeast with occasional dead calm stretches.  The tide was just turning and starting in.  It was going to be much colder on the bottom very soon.  The sky was cloudless and during dead calm periods, we cooked.  Once the breeze started up again, we got chilly.

There were bail-outs being done by Alan with The Captain and LD was hunting for a dinner party’s main course.  Pete and Diane were exploring in about 30 feet of water and saw flounder, skates, and lots of lobsters.  Bill Low was also in exploring mode.  David and I kept a sharp lookout for boarders from the flying bridge.  Joke.

The second dive needed to be shallower and, if possible, warmer.  I thought of the restaurant at Folly Cove.  The Lobster Pool restaurant overlooks a prime diving site of about 25 feet deep with great protection from passing boat traffic.  I could smell the hamburgers cooking as we rounded Folly Point.  Ambrosia.

Everyone went back in for a second dive and reported better visibility, warmer water, and even a few lobsters.  The sun was blazing, but, as you climbed out of your wetsuit, the breeze raised goosebumps.  Perfect New England summer weather.

We returned to the marina uneventfully with a high tide to make the gear schlepping up the ramp easier.  I love it when that happens.

Good time.

Nice people.