Warm Water

Would you believe it was 68 degrees on the surface and 66 degrees on the bottom for our second dive today?

Let me start at the beginning.

We finally got a break in the wave/wind/surge action.  Hurricane Earl had churned stuff up, but today looked like it would be doable if we went north.  We’d driven around the cape, looking for good conditions, and settled on the Folly Cove area as being best.

We had Bill Low, Pat and Peter as crew with The Captain on guard and me driving the boat.  There was lots of company as the day wore on.  People were grabbing the last cookie in the cookie jar of summer, to paraphrase Veronica Atlantis, another of our crew.

I anchored at Folly Point in about 60 feet of water, but with the anchor resting against the rocky wall in about 30 feet.  Bill Low and I were charged by Capt. Cecil B. DeCalhoun to get some video shots of him on the electric scooter.  We were hard-pressed to stay within sight of each other, due to the cloudy conditions.  But the water was warm and calm.  Two outa three ain’t bad.  Bill scootered over and beneath me several times and had to execute tight turns.  The water got more silty as he did.

After about 1500 lbs of that, we called it quits and I surfaced to mid-summer.  Hot, but not humid.  Cloudless skies.  Whew.  Pete said it had been 50 degrees at 60 feet.

The second dive was near Tide Rock in the Lanesville Shores section of Gloucester.  This time, I just took the camera and let everyone else do their own thing.  The neck seal on my dry suit has two punctures where my nails have torn the neoprene.  It leaks like a sieve through those holes.  I hardly noticed it until I got undressed and had to wring out my underwear.

The water was clearer on this dive – 10-15 feet in the shallows.  Bill Low saw a northern pipefish, with Pete described as a straightened-out sea horse:"A pipefish is a straightened-out sea horse"

The web obviously agrees with him.  I saw a black sea bass, I think.   It was bigger than the biggest cunner and black all over.  The cunners were curious about the wide angle lens on my camera and came very close to check it out.

I drained my second tank and surfaced reluctantly.

What a super time.

Great folk too.

One Response to “Warm Water”

  1. veronica Says:

    Wow! Sounds like a decent day! Salisbury was still under surf advisory but it didn’t look bad. Not many people were in the water on monday maybe because it was a bit cool top side or that fact that it looked deceptively calm but still had the under tow.
    Hopefully we will have a few more decent dive days

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