The Slippery Slope

It was positively dreary this morning – and cold.  Driving around the cape, I wore my windbreaker in the truck.  Not a good sign.  It was cloudy too.  With wind blowing from the east 10-15 with promises to gust to 20 knots in the afternoon.  Sheesh.  East is a bad direction for us.  We don’t have many sites that are protected from it.

So we decided to try the north side of the island, which has more possibilities than going south.

It was low tide, but not dead low.  There was water flowing past the channel buoys as we rounded them.  Not many people were out, but we saw a small power boat aground on the picnicing side of Wingaersheek Beach.  Maybe it slipped its mooring or lost its anchorage during the night.  No one was around it.

We entered Essex Bay and headed for Lanesville Shores.   Passing Lanes Cove, I noticed the swells building.   The cemetery sites would be too bumpy with this sea.  We kept going and landed at the little cove next to the Folly Cove Restaurant.

The boat was full with Linda and Kerry Hurd, Bill Low, Ben Perkins and two of his friends.  Pete and Veronica were crew.  The Captain was himself.  I tried to stay dry and out of the wind.

The anchor was right next to the wall and the boat was taking the sea broadside.  It wasn’t comfortable for those of us who would be topside.  The divers were quickly ready and stepped off the platform smartly.

Bill Low made an hour’s dive.  So did most of the others.  Pete and Kerry tried The Captain’s passing shot again with Pete on the scooter.  Veronica and I were too smart to get wet.

Pete reported that it was 63 on the surface and 58 on the bottom, but the visibility was murky and 15 feet.  Bill reported that it was surgy on the bottom, too.  Kerry was happy with the wall for videography, though.  He had a rock gunnel that was willing to pose, as well as critters in the nooks and crannies of the granite.  He even saw a butterfly fish in the extreme shallows.  The poor tropical thing was probably trying to get warm.

We saw other divers entering the water from the rocky beach, but no other dive boats were around.

We took a vote and agreed that it would be better to have the rest of the afternoon free than to make a second dive in the same spot.  We gave everyone 1/2 off the dive price, as a result.

The trip home was uneventful, except that we waved to Mary Scalli from the river and noticed that she’s getting a new roof – on a Sunday, yet.  She must know someone.

The ramp was flat as we lumbered up it.  That’s OK with me.

Nice people on a not so nice slippery slope to that four-letter word – Fall.

One Response to “The Slippery Slope”

  1. veronica Says:

    Yes, it was a surprise at how cold it was. the wind breezed right through the wind breakers. No matter it was fun to be onboard 🙂

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