Ray, The Torpedo

No, I don’t mean the mafia hitman.

Two of today’s customers, Linda C. and Patty D., saw a torpedo ray during the first dive off Lanesville Shores.  Linda said she was trying to think of a signal for the thing and mimicked being shocked with electricity: ZZZ-zzz-ZZZ.   This sound, combined with clenched fists jerking in front of her body, was the image she came up with.  Works for me.

Here’s a picture of one that I found on the internet to give you an idea of what they saw:

Torpdeo Ray (image found on the internet)

Bill Low and JM were the others on board, along with Pete, The Captain, and me.  We were just cruising around, looking for stuff, and never noticed the exotic intruder.  The visibility was between 10 and 15 feet, depending on how far southwest you ventured on your dive.  The further you went, the worse it got.

The water was warmish at 63 on the surface and 59 on the bottom.  Thanks to Hurricane Igor, there was surge and murky water.  It wasn’t too bad on this side of the cape, but the south and east sides had crashing waves.  We felt lucky to get in at all.

We chose the second dive site after driving all the way down to S&M and finding the north wind’s fetch made it bouncy and uncomfortable.  So, we motored back up to the lee of Halibut Point for more protected surroundings.  Here JM and Pete and I went lobstering.  It was JM’s final dive for his scuba certification and he caught lobsters under Peter’s guidance.  He’s a natural.

The tide was out on our trip back to the marina and we saw a large blue-hulled sailboat get hung up on the sandbar that has been trapping boats all summer.  It’s right near the big bridge that brings Route 128 onto the cape.  He was savvy enough to turn quickly and got back into the channel without our help.

Good day.

Nice people.

2 Responses to “Ray, The Torpedo”

  1. Al The Dinosaur Says:

    Congratulations to JM! I knew he’d be a quick study!

  2. veronica Says:

    yup, this is the time of year you see these beauties!

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