Is It Eye-Gore or EEE-Gore?

Either way, Hurricane Igor whipped up the seas today.  It was even bouncier on the south and east side of the cape.

So we went north again.

This time we had Bill Low, Pete, me and The Captain.

We started deep into Folly Cove to get the best visibility possible for the set up shot The Captain was planning.  The tide had just turned and the water was 59 on the surface and 55 on the bottom.  It was murky however.

Peter took off on his scooter and made it across the cove and back again on only 500 psi of air.  There was lots of terrain to cover.  Bill made an hour’s dive and wasn’t even cold at the end.

We heard Jacki K. call out to us from the stony beach where lots of divers had gathered.  At one point, we counted eight dive flags that all had a yellow buoy and wondered if they had all been bought from the same source.  The cove was echoing with voices of divers as they talked on the surface or called to each other.  Neat.

We went around the corner for the second dive, but Lanesville Shores had surges and waves breaking all along it.

I headed even further into the corner and settled on Davis Neck because it had good lobstering and looked calm enough for good visibility.  Well, I was 1/2 right.  Pete scootered around the site and saw lots of too big and mother lobsters.  It’s hard to understand how he could do that when I had 5 foot visibility right under the boat.

There were neat chasms in rows towards the rocky shore, but the water was full of straw shards.  The bottom  had lots of trash strewn in the silt.  It wasn’t scenic at all.  But it was different.  We haven’t dived this site in many years.

I saw a sea robin vertical in a crack and tried to take his/her picture.  You could almost see its eye register DANGER!  It did a double-take and swam off up the rock face.

Here’s what it looked like:

We had no trouble getting back into the slip even though the southeasterly wind had picked up considerably.

Good day with good friends.

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