September 25th and it was 85 degrees.  Not on our morning drive around the cape, of course, but later in the day.  It’s hard not to think about the cold weather to come.  This was a gift.

We had Steve Gates, JM, and Nicole K. (a friend from the commuter rail that The Captain rides back and forth to Worcester).  We also had Pete and Pat as crew.

The wind was predicted to be coming from the WSW and we decided to go north to have the calmest conditions.  I’m still shooting video for this year’s movie and we need more footage.

As we rounded the tippy tip of Folly Cove, sharp-new-contacts-eyed Pat Walsh spotted a seal watching our progress.  It stayed on the surface long enough for the whole boat to marvel at it.

We settled in just around the point of Folly Cove in the shelter of the rocks there.  The water was 28 feet deep under the boat.  I knew there were steep drop offs nearby, so we didn’t know exactly what the depth would be if they went down the downline, but it should be pretty and clear because the surface was flat.

Pete and JM went exploring.  Steve Gates and I were diving alone, but within sight of the boat.  I hit 55 feet.  Later, Pete said it was 59 degrees on the surface and 55 on the bottom.  The tide was coming in, so the bottom had the clearest water too.

I saw schools of cunner up in the shallows.  They have a reddish hue and look like this picture of some that I got off the internet:

Photo from the Internet by Stephen T.

School of Cunner

They are kind of inquisitive and travel in groups this time of year.  Folly Point had lots today.

JM and Peter held a sea robin.  We also saw crabs and starfish as well as a northern red anemone.

We made both dives at this same site because it was easier than moving to somewhere else that might not be as good.

By the time we hauled anchor (actually Nicole did that heavy lifting), the wind had shifted to more SW and we had an easy return to the marina.  Nicole docked the boat with Pete’s help.

Thanks to her for the Dunkin Donuts goodies.  We all had to have some munchkins to keep them from falling into the wrong hands.

Super day.

Fun, nice people.

One Response to “Pointed”

  1. veronica Says:

    Good thing I wasn’t there with those munkins onboard. I’ll look like those cunners picked with my head in the box! 🙂

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