What a contrast with yesterday!

The morning started partly cloudy and, as the day progressed, the sun left the building, kinda like Elvis.  And the breeze became more than that.

Peter and Pat took Bill Low to the outside of Kettle Island.  Pete reported seeing his first school of pollack of the season.  The site had huge cracks and one housed a sea robin.

What started as a pleasant morning, turned bumpy and uncomfortable by the time they’d finished their dive.

We heard from the folk that were at the Bay State Council’s Treasure Hunt dive in Half Moon Beach that the water was 60 degrees there.  Visibility was murky.  Here’s what the little beach looks like earlier in the year:

Half Boom Beach, photo by Jay Albert

Half Moon Beach in Early Spring, photo by Jay Albert

We had fun with the combined dive clubs’ picnic at Stage Fort Park.

But the day continued to worsen.

A little exploratory walk with Kerry Hurd up the stone steps from the beach exposed us to the unabated northeast wind.  It was downright COLD.  I have my windbreaker zipped up all the way and was wearing the hood too by the time we returned to the sheltered area with the other picnickers.

Can this really be the end of summer as we know it?

Say it ain’t so, Joe.

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  1. veronica Says:

    I think there are only about 3 crumbs left in the bag…….:-P

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