Nobody Here But Us Chickens

It was sunny and not as windy today.

No customers signed up, so we went out by ourselves.

The Stone Garage had had such great visibility yesterday, Captain Cecil B. DeCalhoun decided to get wet himself to shoot some video.  Pete was the designated diver.

I hear it was 55 degrees at 25 feet and the visibility wasn’t as good at only 25 feet.  Pat and I could see the mushroom anchor at the bottom of the down line.  It’s about 20 feet long.

We were rocking on the surface in a cross between an incoming tidal current and the westerly wind (“10-15 knots”).  It smoothed out a little as the divers came onboard:

Pete on the Back of Easy Diver

Pete Poses on the Stern of Easy Diver, photo by Pat Walsh's Blackberry

The weather continues to improve, but the season’s almost over.

Yahoo and darn.

One Response to “Nobody Here But Us Chickens”

  1. veronica Says:

    Yes, it wasn’t as windy as yesterday. Yesterday it was blasting from the north!
    I missed out today but it was probably a good thing. When I am not feeling 100% it’s best I stay close to home.
    I am hoping one more dive, maybe, one more dive, before “the gate goes down”. I guess we shall see…..

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