Guess What?

It was very windy today.

That’s hardly a new condition, is it?  It’s been too windy for fun diving for most of October’s weekends.

Today the wind was snappin’ out of the WNW.  At least there were no competing waves out of the ESE.

Pete and Pat took our friends Linda and Dallas Edmiston out for a quick salt water dive.  They’re from Buffalo, NY, and haven’t had salty gear since their trip to Grand Cayman in August.  We fixed that.

The only place that was doable was up in the corner at Magnolia Harbor.

They reported the visibility was “awesome.”  Pete said 50 feet.  And the water was 50 degrees at almost high tide.

It wasn’t very deep – only 15-20 feet – but that matched the wind speed, so it was all good.

There were moon snails, and jonah crabs and little cunner too.

The sun was bright and warm out of the wind.

They had fun.

One Response to “Guess What?”

  1. veronica Says:

    You just never can predict what the conditions will be until you are brave enough to be out there, eh?

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