Weatherwise, It’s Such a Lovely Day

It was one of the best, first days of the charter season, weatherwise.

There have been other first days that were rainy, cold, dreary and windy.  Pick two.  Or three.

Today was sunny, almost cloudless, and calm-ish as we started out with Alan Hicks, Peter Donahue, The Captain and me.  It was predicted that the wind would pick up from the SSW, so we decided to go north.    We saw Captain Fran Linnehan of Down Under powering back to the Cape Ann Marina with his customers.  They looked to be having fun.

The Captain picked Lanesville Shores, so I anchored in about 25 feet and the boat lay parallel to shore, pointing into the southerly wind.  The Dive Flag was flapping noisily and Himself was irritated by its snapping.  Funny how wind gets to you sometimes.  It was blowing about 10-15 knots.

We suited up and found missing pieces and parts in the process.  I ended up wearing a hood that had “Dallas” lettered inside it.  Had to  have help lengthening the backpack’s straps and my weightbelt too.  Hum.  It was a long winter is my excuse.  Not much exercise to be had for 6 long months.

As we slipped in, I noticed the current was moving along quite nicely.  All the hanging lines were flung to the stern with surface ripples.  Since we were facing south, the current sweeping along side could only be an eddy of the incoming tide which was flowing south as well.  It would subside soon.

The water was c-o-l-d because my borrowed hood was too big.  I had an ice cream headache all over.  I swam back to the back of the boat to get out and find another hood and was surprised to feel the coldness go away.  Maybe I was just being wimpy.  I tried the descent again and this time, the water didn’t feel so frigid.  But it wasn’t very clear.  Visibility was maybe 15 feet.  I saw sea stars and mussels, but no fish or shell critters.  The drysuit squeezed me and rubbed uncomfortably on my outer right ankle where I was only wearing a short cotton sock.  I didn’t remember to bring my thick wool socks to prevent that.

I circled the boat for the remainder of my tank and surfaced to find Pete on board because the neck seal of his DUI had leaked gallons.

Alan followed suit in a few minutes and we called it “one and done.”

As we were fussing with the stuck anchor, Fran pulled up with another boatload of eager scubas.  They were going to be going in at roughly the same place we were leaving.  Good luck to them.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that great either.  And it was c-o-l-d at 48 degrees.

All-in-all, it was the nicest weather for a first dive of the season that I can remember.

Not bad.

Glad to be back in the water.

2 Responses to “Weatherwise, It’s Such a Lovely Day”

  1. "V" Says:

    I was wondering if you actually took the boat out thias weekend.
    Chris you are NOT a wimp. If anything you are bloody brave to hit the water! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  2. Alan Says:

    After the “creeping icicles” of the initial plunge, my Farmer John wetsuit with the step-in-jacket felt pretty good. Visibility was limited and it was pretty quiet down there as far as critter activities went. I did see one very short lobster.

    Nonetheless, a pleasant short dive and a real joy to be back diving easy in New England with great folks!

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