Today was a perfectly lovely summer day.

Wait.  It’s still spring, isn’t it?  Yup.  But it’s also New England.  Therefore, anything is possible.  On the water, it was about 80.

It was sunny after the fog burned off.  And the breeze was brisk from the southwest.

We decided to go north because the fog had been extremely think as we drove around the cape with our early morning coffee and corn muffin.  North looked like it would be clear first with a southerly wind.

We had Jacki K., Anna, and Bill Low along with Peter and Pat as crew.  I drove the boat and The Captain maintained decorum.

We anchored off the cemetery at Lanesville Shores for the first dive.  It was about 20 feet deep.

Pete reported that the water was 56 degrees, Bill got 51, and Anna saw 45.  I guess it depended on where you went and which thermometer you believed.  There was no question, however, about the visibility.  It wasn’t good.  Pete said he saw a flounder, but couldn’t determine how big it was because he couldn’t see the end of it.  Ha.

The breeze freshened to 15 – 18 knots from the WSW, so we decided to find a more sheltered spot for the second dive.

I picked the outer wall of Folly Cove.  It was deeper here at about 40 feet.  Jacki said the visibility was a little better, but it was colder than the first place.

All the cold meat eaters enjoyed Pete’s chicken noodle soup, while the vegetarian was happy with her hummus, olives, and taboule sandwich.

The ride back down the river was pronounced heavenly with the bright sun, warm breeze and lack of very much river traffic.

Even though it was low tide as we returned to the marina, it felt good to work the winter flabby muscles and help unload gear.  They won’t stay weak if this weather continues.  In the parking lot, it was over 80, that’s for sure.

Good day.

Nice people.

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