But no wind.  And there were no waves.

We had LD, Al, Pam, Candi and Will for a trip that would introduce Will to scuba.

I picked Folly Cove for the site to be sure we could get Will into standup water.  He was with Pete for the day, while Pat and The Captain played scuba sherpa.  They helped people get suited  and set while Will and Pete started with the basics.

I was with Al and Candi for a getting reacquainted dive.  We saw moon snails, both big and little.  A horseshoe crab with no tail and flounders plus a skate.  Laurent found us underwater and produced two sea ravens from his lobster bag like a magician.  First he gently pulled out a medium-sized one and handed it to me to inspect.  I then passed it to Candi.  She held it and looked into its shiny eye.  Then out came an even bigger one for us to examine.  Again it was willing to be passed hand to hand for our amazement.  Not too scared of us at all.

The water was 57 degrees on the surface and there was about 20 feet of visibility.

Laurent saw a medium sized ball of pollack being knifed through again and again by striped bass.

We both saw large tautog under the rocks at the point where we turned around.

As we surfaced, the rain was steady.  Non-divers were huddled in the cabin and Pat was directing traffic at the back of the boat in a bright yellow rainproof poncho with yellow rain gear pants – and her sandals.  Al and I stayed in the ocean and waited for Will and Pete to finish their skills session before getting back on the boat.  It was that comfortable.

Since the newbees were cold in their wetsuits, we called it a day and headed for home.

I drove the boat in my wetish drysuit with Laurent’s company.  We were fed turkey sandwiches and cookies by Pam.

It was still dribbling as we docked.

I rode all the way home in my suit to avoid having to take it off in the cold.

The day was fun because we had nice people.

The diving was fine, even though I’d have preferred less water above water.

One Response to “Rainy”

  1. "V" Says:

    I am anxious to see my buddies AND get my butt in the water.
    I am hoping by July.
    Argh… between “mystery” illnesses, family stuff , work and just plain exhaustion…..some days it feels like I am shoveling *&^^ in a *&^^ storm.

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