Glassy Seas

Oh, boy.  What GREAT conditions.

The trip today was extraordinary because the sea, the air and the wind all cooperated.  The sea was flat.  The air was 75 degrees and the wind stayed in bed for an extra 40 winks.

We had a full boat with Kevin & Linsley Mordasky, Linda & Kerry Hurd (recent EMMY winners – again), and Deb and Steve. Pete and Pat were crew, while The Captain maintained order.

Our drive around showed that everywhere was good, but the north shore was perfect.  We decided that Lanesville Shores would be the most fun for the most people.  I anchored in about 25 feet of water just off the cemeteries, near Tide Rock.

We suited up under mostly cloudy skies, but they were brightening. There were photographers and videographers and we all needed decent visibility.

I knew my Atlan dry suit wouldn’t be, but donned it anyway.  The neck seal has an often-Aquasealed tear and the zipper is thready with tendrils that cause leakage too.  Let’s hope the water isn’t any colder than last weekend.

It wasn’t.  We logged 56 degrees at 30 feet with visibility of 25-30 feet there and deeper.  The tide was coming in and you could see its swirls on the surface just offshore of our anchorage.  No current at all.

I saw fish everywhere.  I think it’s spring down there too.  Two cunner were faced off with open mouths to declare, “I’m the Man.”  I found decorator crabs on every abandoned lobster trap.  Two were in soft, flowing, kelpy growths while another had smooth, pale yellow sponge on every surface of his (I’m guessing here) shell.

I saw Deb and Steve with an extremely bright light that looks very good on my video download.  Kerry motored by and I worked hard to keep the camera level and still pace him with no bumps or jiggles.

Kevin and Linsley swam closer to shore and found out first hand why we sometimes call this place N*ked M*n Beach.  Someone was posing on the shore in a Poseidon Throwing the Javelin stance and in exactly the same costume as the statue.  See below:

Or Maybe He Was Doing Tai Chi?

Because the conditions were so great, we decided to do the second dive in the same place.  It was just as much fun.

Everyone agreed that the trip was memorable and among the best we’ve experienced in New England.

Certainly makes up for the rotten weekends we’ve been having until now.

One Response to “Glassy Seas”

  1. "V" Says:

    LOL balacky beach guy….I certainly remember that “dive site”.
    I’m glad you had a nice day. It’s sounded great!

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