Wind vs. Waves

They weren’t playing nicely together today.

The weather was warm with a brisk wind to eliminate any unsightly sweating.  I think 74 degrees was reported by Harvey Leonard of Channel 5.

We drove around to find the best site and decided going south would afford us the most protection from a whipping wind from the NW.  Unfortunately, long low swells were sliding up the rocks from the SE.  Hum.

I put the anchor in about 25 feet at the Stone Garage on the Back Shore.  This site has beautiful gouges running east to west and lots of lobsters.  We had Anna, Andy, Jacki, and Sandy along with Bill Low and Diane Kelleher on board today.  Peter and Pat were crew, I drove the boat, and The Captain was diving in his Mares semi-wet/dry suit.

The water was 56 degrees and visibility was about 15-20 feet.  The tide was coming in, but there was no current to speak of.  We rode the swells without too much discomfort because the wind kept our stern facing almost directly into them.  No rolling or pitching, thank goodness.

For the second dive, we opted for flatter conditions at Brace Cove.  Here the water was only 18 feet deep, but it was warmer (58 degrees) and clearer (20 feet).  Everyone went back in for the second dive and Bill broke an hour (his goal).  There were flounders and skates and crabs and some small lobsters.

Although it had been dead low tide as we loaded the boat, we were relieved and happy to see that it was a brimming high tide as we schlepped the gear back up the ramp.

I like it when that happens.

Nice time with good people.

2 Responses to “Wind vs. Waves”

  1. "V" Says:

    What a great way to spend “father’s day’ with the captain. happy (belated) father’s day!

  2. Photos by Anna « Easy Diver Trip Reports Says:

    […] were taken on Sunday, June 19th, by Anna. WP_SLIDESHOW_IMAGES = { load: […]

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