Family Day

We stayed in stand-up water for the first dive.

Grandson, Erik, was just getting started, so we anchored off Niles Beach.

We had Pete as crew and assistant instructor while I had Erik in the water in scuba gear.

The Captain stayed with the ship, along with Erik’s mom, Laurie, and dad, Joe.

The water was a little murky, but warm.  Maybe 60-ish.  I didn’t wear gloves.

After Erik’s session, we puttered over to Old House Cove where Pete and I made a dive.  It was murky and with some surge from the waves that were breaking at the Dog Bar Breakwater from the south east.  It was warm here too and the visibility varied from 10 to 15 feet or so.

There were lobsters to be caught and abandoned traps to search for decorator crabs.

Warm sun greeted us as we surfaced.

Lots of  boats were gathering for the finals of the greasy pole competition.

The day was better than yesterday, but the fog didn’t ever really burn off.  It was cloudy with tiny glimpses of sun.

The surprise of the afternoon was seeing Dino Stamos at the dock.  He stopped by after leaving Lynn and the kids at the fiesta festival at Saint Peter’s square.  Good to see he’s still kicking and everyone is doing great.

Fun end to the weekend.

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