Clear and Cool

Both were true underwater as well as above it.  We had Pete and Pat as crew.  I drove the boat with The Captain picking the spots.

We had a full boat today with Jacki, Sandy, Anna, Andy, Bill Low and Richard Brandolini.  They were up for anywhere, so that’s where we took them – anywhere that had flat water and clear conditions.  We thought it looked best at Salt Island, just off Brier Neck in Rockport.

I dropped the anchor in about 20 feet of water just inside the lee of the island.  The wind was shifting from North to Southeast and the island protected us from all of it.

We could hear the occasional shouts and general hubbub from the  beach to our left.  Named Good Harbor, it was one of the “sacred” beaches of Rockport.  Hundreds of sunbathers were chock-a-block on the remaining sand as the tide came in.

Bill got a great picture of Richard:

Richard Brandolini Underwater

Bill and Peter saw a big cod.  Others saw a school of pollack and smaller fish around the end of the rocky point.  The visibility was good at between 10 and 15 feet.

The water was in the high 40s on the bottom in the high 40s.  It was in the high 50s on the surface.

We moved closer to home for the second dive and chose the outer edge of Brace Cove.  Everyone went exploring here.  The water was shallow and warm.  There were skates and Pete saw a flounder scoot out of the way of the anchor as we dropped it.  It was clear too with 15 feet in the shallower areas and less as you got deeper.

The sun was unshielded all day and you could get really crispy if you didn’t use SPF30, at least.  But the breeze was cool and kept the heat from building.

I drove the boat into the river against a raging outbound tide and had huge standing waves to battle.  I won, with the help of Pete and Pat.

Great day.

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