A Painted Ship Upon a Painted Ocean

That was what Fred thought the day was like.  It’s a quote from “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Coleridge.  The ocean was oily-looking and silky smooth.  No wind at all.  It looked a little like this:

A Painted Ship upon a Painted Ocean

We had a great group with Kevin and Linsley Mordasky, Dianne Kelleher, Pete and Pat.  The Captain was Dianne’s dive buddy and I drove the boat.

We decided that going north looked best even though anywhere would have been good.  It was supposed to start blowing from the south later in the day, so Lanesville Shores it was.

I dropped the anchor pretty close to shore so that Dianne and Fred could get to stand-up water with the inflatable easily.

Pete and Pat were after more delicacies for his cookout later in the day.

Kevin and Linsley were exploring.  Linsley ended up changing the neck zip seal on her own DUI dry suit when she discovered a leak very early on.

I was videoing and looking for critters that would stand still long enough for me to get a rock-steady shot.  I drained two tanks in the effort.

We did both dives in the same place because the conditions were so excellent.  The water was in the high 50s at 40 feet.  Visibility was golden up in the shallows because of the floating matter in the water.  Deeper, it was 15-20 feet.

As I was getting out of my gear, Pat and Pete got us underway and back down the Annisquam River towards the marina.  Pat steered through dozens of little and big boats jockeying their way to a mooring next to Wingaersheek Beach.  The mass of moored boats was a world record, it seemed.

Again, a flat ramp had unloading over quickly.  We all had to get to Pete’s place for the feast ASAP.

The cookout was delicious and great fun too.


One Response to “A Painted Ship Upon a Painted Ocean”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Sounds like a blast… missing the good old days.

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