A Newbee, a Returnee, and Some New Folks

We had a great group today.  Will, Candie, Alex, Willis, Judith and Dianne were up for anywhere that was easy, clear, warm, shallow and calm.  Well, I had just the place: The Wreck of the USF New Hampshire at Graves Island.  We had 62 degree water in the shallows along with striped bass, according to Dianne.  The deeper water near the wreck had lines of small lobsters along the sand line, under the timbers.  Will felt the cold as a thermocline  after the tide turned and started back in.

Alan Hicks was along and stepped up for divemaster duties.  He helped Willis and Judith find the wreck and its scattered, assorted wreckage.  Will found pieces of copper from Paul Revere’s foundry and a small gold-flecked piece of metal the size of a cartridge casing.  But why was it so shiny?  We decided it was shiny because it was made from pure gold.  Yeah, right.  This was his third dive ever and he did great, according to his instructor, Peter.

Willis and Judith found lobsters that were too big to take and were happy to be able to interact with them.

The Captain got a sinus squeeze, so Dianne kept to the shallows and scuba-ed along the rocky shore to get back into the swing of things.

The day heated up and we decided to make both dives on the same spot.  Everyone had more time to explore and they did.

On our way home, we were stopped by waving from a boat anchored behind Kettle Island.  It was Sea Breeze and had good friend Barbara Bates aboard.  Dianne recognized her from a trip they had taken together to Bonaire.

We docked in a stiff NW breeze, using our special rig of ropes to spin the boat on the pivot point of the end of the finger dock.  It was good practice for when the wind is really howling from the NW later in the season.

Everyone did wonderfully well and we had fun.

That’s the best part.


2 Responses to “A Newbee, a Returnee, and Some New Folks”

  1. "V" Says:

    Still a little chilly water temp…

  2. Kathy Says:

    That’s the best dive spot! Always a chance of finding sunken treasures.

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