The Dead Light x 2

What a perfect day!

We had a full boat, with Pete and Veronica as crew.  The participants included Linda and Myanna, Bill Low, Robert Kirby, Richard Brandolini and John B.  The Captain had a cold, and I drove the boat.

We decided that going to Thacher Island would suit everyone’s skills and desires the best.

This is a beautiful dive site with lots of underwater boulders, schools of fish and even some crustaceans for those who care.   The breeze was forecasted to be from the SW and that made the decision even easier.

We arrived as the tide was going out.  A little current kept tugging us on the anchor.  I put it in 25 feet between the non-working lighthouse and the ramp that leads to the island’s boathouse.   The water was warmish at 57 degrees in 25 feet.  It was even better in the shallows.  Gold light streamed through the sea weeds and growth covering the rocks.  I wouldn’t say there were clouds of fish, but there were schools of cunner in many of the widest depressions between rocks.  I was videoing and trying to keep the sun at my back.

The troops felt it was good enough to make both dives here.  I certainly wasn’t going to complain.  However, on the second dive, I dug out a dry pair of smaller gloves and a smaller hood so that the cold water didn’t fill any wrinkles or folds in the neoprene.  That helped.

It was a treat to snarf down V’s “legal” pita sandwiches with tomatoes, olives, basil, cheese, and spinach.  Plus she brought extra apples for the hungriest among us.  Guess who.

Here’s a picture I found on the internet of what it looked like from the boat:

Image of the Dead Light

We had fun with nice people.


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