Two Different Sides of Kettle Island

It was going to be a full boat.

We had Deb and Steve, Kevin and Linsley, Linda and Kerry, along with Pete and Pat as crew, with The Captain and me.  I picked the SW side of Kettle Island for the first dive to accommodate all these explorer types from out of state.

I anchored the boat with the stern towards the best diving spot and hoped the passing boat traffic wouldn’t rock us too much.  This site features moderate depth and beautiful, bouldery cuts and swim unders in the shallow area nearest the rocky shore.

However, the passing parade took its toll and I rowed a sea sick citizen to the little beach at the north west side of the island.

Peter reported it was 50 degrees at 50 feet.  He said he rescued a big cod from an abandoned lobster pot.  It was in good condition and hadn’t been trapped for very long.

The rest of the folk moved around the island to a calmer anchorage for the second dive.  Pat Walsh swam ashore in the barest of equipment to escape some of the heat.  We explored the area and found warm little tide pools to wade in while waiting for the ill one to recover.

After the divers were back aboard, I rowed Pat and the patient back to Easy Diver.   The ocean’s surface wasn’t yet 60 degrees.

No sense getting too much of a cool thing.

The return to the marina featured a full bore chug into an outgoing tide at the Blynman Bridge.  That was exciting.

We had a day of death-defying adventure coupled with a nauseated friend and blistering sun.

What more could you ask for?


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