Dance of the Flounder – Part Deux

We were happy to see Joe Finkhouse again.  He joined Bill Low and Dianne Kelleher for the trip to Folly Cove today.  We had Veronica Atlantis, Peter and Pat as crew.

The weather forecast was calling for mid-90s with little breeze until later in the day.  They weren’t wrong.

I anchored near AR ER (graffiti on the rock wall under a wooden gazebo) to be sure The Captain had a good flounder videoing area.

Pat saw a horseshoe crab on the hoof, but Pete denied it was possible.  Horseshoe crabs don’t have hooves.  That’s a sample of how the day went, folks.  There was not a whiff of breeze at this spot and we swung on the anchor through most of the compass points and back again.  It got hotter and muggier.

Since The Captain had gone in without gloves for this shoot, I was pretty sure he wouldn’t be down very long.  The rest of the participants in the sequence got misplaced somehow as did the second camera.  Never mind, there’s always another day.

Bill was able to stay in for over an hour.  Dianne made several solo sorties using the down line and the anchor line.

For the second dive, we moved across the cove to the wall near the Lobster Pool restaurant.

By now, the breeze from the west had started, so we cooled off a lot.

It was deeper here with fuzzy visibility, even though the tide was coming in.  It was in the low fifties on the bottom and the high fifties on the surface.  I hosed down a lot with my fresh water solar shower.  Plus, I kept my tee shirt on to prevent too much sun.  It was almost too hot to eat V’s legal snacks.  Pat, Fred and I munched her offer of an apple apiece and kept gulping sodas and cold water.

As we packed up to return home, the breeze cranked up a notch.  The ride into the mouth of the Annisquam River was not too bumpy and wet, just enough to cool us off.  Boats of every size were anchored cheek by jowl on the sand off Wingaersheek.  You could smell the charcoal fires, burgers cooking and suntan lotion from our boat.  V said it smelled like summer.

We were thrilled that the ramp was almost flat on our return.  But the parking lot was baking.  It was surely in the 90s there.

Good day with fine people.






2 Responses to “Dance of the Flounder – Part Deux”

  1. "V" Says:

    At least the green-heads weren’t too bad.
    In Seabrook, they wear lobster bibs for the big feast.

  2. Kathy Says:

    We don’t get any of those summer smells out here. I miss them :o(

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