Cathedral Rocks and A Bailout

The weather was going to be even hotter today.

I felt awful with a raging sore throat, so I got the day off.  Pat and Pete were crew with The Captain making all the executive decisions.  They had Jacki and Sandy, Bill Low, Richard Brandolini and a Dr. from the Gastroenterology group at MGH, and Mark H.  Jacki asked for either Cathedral Rocks or the Rockport Breakwater.  The conditions were best at Cathedral Rocks so that’s where they anchored first.

I understand that the water was warmest and clearest in the first 20 feet.  As you went deeper, the visibility degenerated into golden fuzz and the water got lots colder.  In the upper 40s.  Sheesh.

Sandy, Jacki and Bill went all the way to the mud at 70 feet, so they must have seen the coldest conditions of anyone.

Richard and the doctor were going slow and shallower because he was making his first cold water ocean dive in all rented equipment.

As the morning cleared and it got hotter, the decision to go shallower for Mark’s  bailout was easy – Folly Cove.  Mark did great and everyone else explored the cove in shallow water to maximize the warmth factor.

I missed going out.

Glad everyone had fun.


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