Stone Garage and The Flagpole at the Atlantis Motor Inn

I felt better this morning and was glad not to be shorebound again.

The weather was going to be cooler with breezes from the north.  After driving around to find the best locations, we decided on the Back Shore.  Bill Low, Alan Hicks, Joe Stark, and Dianne Kelleher joined Veronica, Pat and Pete who were crewing.  I drove the boat at The Captain’s insistance.

The tide was going to be low at about 12:30 PM.  As a weather front went through, the breeze became stronger and we settled in at the Stone Garage.  It has grooves and boulders in a rocky ravine which runs parallel to shore.  Makes navigating easy.  I was on the bow when I heard the shriek.  It was Veronica remarking on the water temperature as she jumped in with her wetsuit.  The water was even colder here than yesterday.  Upper 40s on the surface.  With a surge.  And a low, uneven surface roll.  Hum.  But the visibility was good, according to Joe.

I had anchored in about 25 feet of water and the explorers took off in all directions.

There were some pictures taken by Alan Hicks.  I’ll see if I can link to them in Facebook.  None showed the extent of the cold water as well as Veronica’s exclamation.  You’ll have to go to Alan Hicks in Facebook to see them.

We decided to go to another site further away for the second dive.  I had already picked the land features of the anchorage: about 1/4 mile off shore of the flagpole in the front yard of the Atlantis Motor Inn.  It is a rocky and bouldery site with good hunting.  I anchored in about 15 feet and the surge was less and the water was 4 degrees warmer, according to Bill Low.  Visibility was OK.

We didn’t roll as much at anchor here so the topside wait wasn’t as irksome as it had been at the last site.

Everyone had success as they measured it.

Good day with good people.

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