Snappin’ Breeze

It was blowing from the northwest (10 – 15 MPH with gusts to 25), so we decided to go south.   There were long, low rollers from the south east.  That made finding a site a little more challenging.

First stop, the wreck of the USF New Hampshire.  We were second to arrive after Cape Ann Divers’ big boat.  I put us up into the shallow area to the west of Graves Island.  Then the Donna III came in and anchored in deeper water.  All three of us were looking for calm conditions where we could anchor and face into the wind.

We had Alex and Candie, Will and Bob, Bethany and Hank, with Pete and Jacki as crew.  I drove the boat and The Captain kept watch.

The water was cold at 52 degrees at 30 feet, according to Pete and Will.  The visibility was OK and they saw a too big lobster with eggs and a yellow sea raven.   Will was working on his certification skills with Pete and they stayed close to the rocks to accomplish them.

The high tide had turned by the time we were ready for another dive.  This time, I picked Divers Leap near Saddle Rock.  It was still very breezy here, but we were sheltered from the rollers and the bluffs diverted much of the wind.  Some folk decided to sun bathe rather than make a second dive in water that Pete said was even colder.

The sun shower helped me keep cool because I’d stand under it and wet my tee shirt and shorts and then go stand on the bow to look for bubbles.  The wind evaporated all the moisture before we pulled anchor for the final time.

The out-going tide was cranking through the Blynman Cut bridge, but I pegged the throttle  and kept the nose up so we wouldn’t be flung about too much in the waves.  We used ropes to negotiate our way back into the slip with the “reverse wind.”  It worked great and there were no casualties.

The relatively high tide made the gear schlep up the ramp almost easy.

Good people on a day with non-optimal conditions.

One Response to “Snappin’ Breeze”

  1. "V" Says:

    Ah! you cheated death once again!

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