We were blessed with another perfect weather day.

Plus we had a charter group of all women.  How cool is that?

The troup included Jacki K., Sandy, Dianne Kelleher, and Karen R.  The outnumbered ones were Pete and The Captain.  Veronica Atlantis provided the crewing and the Weight Watchers friendly snacks.  I drove the boat and picked the anchorages even though The Captain pointed and shouted a lot.  Hi, honey.

Anyway, we powered up the Annisquam with Dianne Kelleher at the helm.  She’s learning to be a crew member these days.  Over the top of the island, we aimed at Straitsmouth Island.  It is a calm and sheltered spot which usually has good visibility as a result.  I put the hook into about 20 feet of water, just inside the cove.  Fred dived with Dianne to video in a sandy spot.  Everyone else was exploring.

The water was 52 degrees at 35 feet and 57 degrees up in the shallows of the cove.  The visibility was OK at about 15 feet.  There were some big lobsters that were too big to take and/or had eggs.

Dianne retrieved a 10 lb weight that I had handed to Fred to stabilize the camera.  He had to leave it behind as he surfaced because he didn’t have enough hands to manage everything.  Dianne came to the surface, determined he wasn’t going to return for it, dove back down to it, and then bumped it along the bottom to the down line.  She then hand-over-handed it up the line to me.  Great work, Dianne.

We moved to the middle of Folly Cove for the second dive.   As I rounded Halibut Point, aiming for the wall at Folly Cove, I wondered at all the boats that were moored there.  By the time we left, there were over 20.

We picked a relatively open area of the sandy bottom and I dropped the anchor in about 20 feet of water.  The tide was still coming in and it was COLD on the bottom – 52.  The visibility was OK, again about 15 feet.  The Captain and I messed around a bit with the flounders, the video cameras, digging a trench in the sand, and other film-making activities.  I saw a mess of squid eggs in the rocky outcropping right under the boat.

Jacki and Sandy made a long dive to the east side of the cove.  Several brave macho women went in the water in bathing suits.  Pete and Fred scoffed, but they were secretly impressed with their hardiness, I think.

The ride back to the marina brought us past a large mess of boats anchored at the south end of Wingaersheek Beach.  Again, we could smell sun tan oil, hamburgers on the grill, and I heard Marvin Gaye with Se*ual Healing on someone’s boat’s loudspeakers.  Summer is in the details, it seems.

Super mellow day with great people.

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  1. "V" Says:

    Hooray Dianne!!! 🙂

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