68 Degrees at 25 Feet

WooHoo!  The warm water is back.

We took folk to the north side of the island today.  Pat and Maggie, Linda and Kerry Hurd and Dianne Kelleher were on board along with Pete, The Captain, and me.  We wanted to get somewhere calm and clear for the newbie, Maggie.  At 14, she’s taller than her aunt, Pat Walsh.  She was going to be buddies with Pete today for her first ocean diving experience.

We were aiming for Mitchell and Dodge rocks off Rockport’s coast, but when we came around Halibut Point, the wind freshened, the waves picked up and the temperature dropped 10 degrees.  The Captain called for a haul about and we returned to Lanesville Shores, just off shore from the cemeteries called Locust Grove and Seaside.  This area is also very close to Tide Rock.

As we descended, I noticed that the visibility wasn’t very good, but that the water was super warm.  Maybe that’s the price we have to pay for comfort – visibility less than 15 feet at 25 feet.  It’s a good trade, as far as I’m concerned.  I found an abandoned lobster trap with a very patient decorator crab aboard.  This one was covered in yellowish sponge and seemed as interested in me as I was in him/her.

Kerry had the longest dive and was videoing too.  And I think I heard him say that his drysuit leaks a little.  Just shows to go ya, the conditions were super.

Maggie and Peter terrorized the locals and had great, good fun.

For the second dive, I moved us to the little cove in front of the Lobster Pool Restaurant.  It was a little deeper here – 32 feet.  The water was about the same on the surface, but with the tide coming in, the bottom was considerable colder.  It was fun to watch the cold water roll into the cove, pushing tumbleweeds of red sea growth ahead of its currents.  I even noticed small lobsters venturing out of their lairs into the moving water as if to say, “Ah-h-h!”  Maybe the 68 degree water is their equivalent of our 100 degree day.

We saw a teenager jump from the flying bridge with the encouragement of all of us oldsters.  She flew.

I cooled off in my Sun Shower with warm, fresh water.  Once my tee shirt is soaked, I can drive the boat back to the marina even though it means heading directly into the lowering sun.

There’ll be photos of the episode soon.

Great day with wonderful friends.

2 Responses to “68 Degrees at 25 Feet”

  1. "V" Says:

    Am I reading this right? water temp 68F? good for you!

  2. Pat Walsh Says:

    we had so much fun that day! Maggie loved her first open water dive.

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