The Newest Advanced Diver in the World

We had Tom and Catie Childress as well as Bill Low and Joe Finkhouse with us today.  Pat and Pete were crew.  The Captain terrorized the locals while I drove the boat.

Catie was going to finish her Advanced Open Water class with Pete on this, her last dive trip before leaving for college, and we needed calm, clear water for her benefit.   The northwest side of Kettle Island proved to be the best choice.  The water was in the low 60s at 25 feet.  Visibility was good on the bottom and miserable 1/2 way down the anchor line.  Maybe the high tide brought clear, cold water into the area.  I tried using a malfunctioning Aquarius regulator to diagnose what was wrong with it for Pete and Fred.  Turns out it just bubbled slightly from the second stage, no matter whether I was inhaling or not.

We saw Arnie Petiglio (sp?) and Jack Munro in Arnie’s yellow boat as they relaxed between dives on the USF New Hampshire.  They proudly showed their treasure – two spikes.  They are lucky/smart/determined and find lots of them.  We’ve been promised one for The Boston Scuba Show next February to give to Jerry Shine.

The second dive was on the deeper face of the west side of Kettle.  I followed Catie and Pete down to check on the anchor and bounced around at 65 feet while they repositioned it for easy lifting.

There was a current moving across the face of the rock and it was going out to sea.  Don’t remember seeing that before.

Joe reported lots of prey animals on the bottom, but we didn’t get any.  But then again he had reported walrus and whale sharks at the first site too.  Maybe it was all just too good to be true.

We finished with a picture of Catie and her card for posterity.

I’ll post it if it arrives in my email.

Good luck at SUNY Oneonta, kiddo.

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