8/14/2011 Has a Substitute Trip Reporter – Bill Low

I had to work on Sunday, so Bill Low supplied the trip report.  We had George and his son, Bill Low and Alan Hicks aboard, along with Pete, Pat, and Veronica as crew:

The USS New Hampshire was a nice surprise, instead of going to the wreck Alan and I put our efforts together to look for some lobsters, with no luck. They were out there all right but too small or too large.  We saw a red hake.  Visibility was 10 to 15 feet the water temperature around 57 degrees at 30 feet.
The second dive was at Saddle rock, that’s the location where the pictures were taken; visibility was about the same but the temperature was around 63 degrees at 20 feet; that made the dive a bit more enjoyable even though it was interesting as is. A number of big boulders and little valleys to swim through. Alan and I didn’t get to the name sake Saddle rock for the opening that Peter mentioned but a good entertaining dive any way. Any dive were I can get my hands and head wet are fine with me .  With a dry suit that’s all I want wet!

Here are the pictures Bill took:

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One Response to “8/14/2011 Has a Substitute Trip Reporter – Bill Low”

  1. "V" Says:

    ooooh! Good photos Bill -especially since the viz was at about 10 feet!

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