Two New, Old Places

We had non-lobsterers today, so I could pick somewhere scenic and clear for videography.  Kevin and Linsley Mordasky, Pat and Karen Hatcher and Richard Brandolini are such mellow customers that they are happy just to get wet.  We always have fun when they’re aboard and today was no different.  We decided to go places we haven’t been to in a long time.

The Captain wanted to go to Mitchell Rock, a dive site near the bluff just outside Pigeon Cove in Rockport.  It’s at the base of a dropoff with a white gazebo where we sometimes see weddings take place.  The property is part of a bed and breakfast place called the Yankee Clipper Inn.

This area has huge boulders and a large swim-through up in the shallows that intrigued Kevin and Linsley.  We often see large striped bass here too.  The real rock is further off shore, but that’s what we call the place.

Peter found that he could tap his lobster poker on the rocks and cunner would converge from everywhere.  He said he’d never seen that before.  I joined him in the water later and he was able to reproduce the  “all hands on deck” response right on queue for the camera.

The water was clear with about 15-20 feet of visibility and warm at 63 degrees at 30 feet.

For the second dive, we meandered down the coast to Smiling Fish Cove, just north of Granite Pier.  This site has a large rock in the corner, facing northeast, that looks happy to see us.  It was a little deeper but still 63 degrees at 40 feet.  Kevin and others saw a large striped bass that weighed 50 pounds, according to him.  Hum.

We faced into the freshening breeze and enjoyed the late August sun.

Good times.


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