It’s Not Fair

The day above water was hot and sweaty and humid.  The breeze was from the southwest and there were long, low rollers from the south east.  They were clumping up on any south facing shore, so we knew we were going north.    Jacki and Sandy along with Bill Low were on board.  Jacki asked for the first dive site because she wanted to show the area to Sandy who’d never been there.  They had 50 degree water at 30 feet at the Restaurant at Folly Cove.  The visibility was about 10 feet.  This was  just after dead low tide.  You would have thought it would be warmer than that.

Pete said he saw lots of everything on the bottom – flounders, skates, cunner and a few legal lobsters too.

The second site was near Tide Rock off the cemeteries at Lanesville Shores.  Again, the water was murky and cold at 50 degrees.  This time Pete said he didn’t see a single fish.  Strange.

After we returned to the marina, we talked to Fran Linnehan of Down Under who had just returned from a seal dive trip to the Isle of Shoals.  He said they had 62 degree water with 20 feet of visibility.  Wha-a-a-a?  That’s only 14 miles north of where we were diving across the open stretch of water known as Essex Bay.

The water was really cold today, compared to what we’d been seeing before Tropical Storm Irene passed through.  Maybe it’s Global Cooling.

Nah.  I think the warm water all got blown north by the south winds from Irene.  The cold water was an upwelling to replace it and that’s why it was so cold.

That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

Fun day with hearty folk.

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