Who’d a’ Thunk It?

We had lots of factors working against us today:

  1. The remnants of Hurricane Katia off shore producing 2-4 foot seas on the south shore of the island
  2. A 10-15 knot wind from the north east
  3. The after effects of three days of rain from Tropical Storm Lee
We needed somewhere that had the best visibility possible.

Luckily our passengers were all easy-going types and were happy just to be getting wet.  Kevin and Linsley Mordasky (who had gone four days without electricity in their Connecticut home), Linda and Kerry Hurd (who had only had sporadic power outage last week in their New Hampshire and Vermont homes), Alex Shure and Alan Hicks.   We found the best site to be behind Kettle Island in about 30 feet of water.

Peter reported it was 59 degrees at 30 feet with about 15 feet of visibility.  Kerry, Alex and I were shooting video.  Alan had his still camera.  Kevin and Linsley were exploring.  We decided to make both dives in the same spot because there wasn’t going to be anywhere any better.

Thanks to Alex, we have some topside shots of the intrepid group:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The day was warm and sunny and there was lots of laughing.

Oh, yeah.  And Kerry found a torpdeo ray that stayed around for over 20 minutes.   Can’t wait to see that footage.

Better day than I expected it to be with very nice people.

2 Responses to “Who’d a’ Thunk It?”

  1. Alan Hicks Says:

    A very enjoyable day with great people! There are some additional photos and a video on my Facebook page. -Al

  2. "V" Says:

    yaaah! 🙂

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