Wreck of the USF NH and Coolidge Point

We offered a trip on Easy Diver to the Northshore Frogmen for a raffle prize and the winner, John M. , and his sister, Andrea, were with us today.  We also had Joe Stark and Bill Low onboard.  The crew was Pat Walsh, Pete Donahue, and Veronica Atlantis.  Fred and I were happy to be along for the ride.

Since he’d never been there, we decided to take John to the wreck of the US Frigate New Hampshire.

The wind was from the east again and the rollers had made the trip down from Gloucester Harbor interesting because of the following sea.  We fish-tailed some a lot.

Pete led the group of Joe, John and Andrea over to the wreck site from our anchorage on the calm side of Graves Island.  The wind, waves and incoming tide were combined at the point of the island to make it a surgy, swirling ocean’s edge.  He navigated far enough away from that mess to have visibility in 10 foot range with water temp in the upper 50s.  Some people got treasure, some encountered raw nature,  and others collected shells.  I heard there was a super, too-big lobster involved, but don’t know much more than that.

The sun just wouldn’t stay out, so it got cold between dives.

I decided the best site for the second dive was behind the shelter of Coolidge Point, near Saddle Rock.  As we were getting set up for the second dive, a fisherman came over to request help retrieving his anchor which was stuck in 14 feet of water behind Kettle.  Pete was on it in a flash.  He suited up and then left with the fishermen as we continued to help the rest of the divers get into the water.

I remembered helping this same fellow because of his southern accent and yellow hull.  He agreed that it had been two years ago.

The Captain got wet this time too in order to get some footage for next year’s movie and to check the new zinc on the tip of the shaft.

Veronica went in for a second dive in order to reorient folk who had gotten turned around from our suggested dive plan.  Then Pete joined them after his triumphant return and led the way over to the Saddle Rock environs.

All was right with the world when Veronica’s snacks surfaced.  A turkey sandwich for The Captain and legal spinach sandwiches for the rest of us.  What a treat!

The ride back was better than the trip down because Easy Diver is designed to take a heavy sea over the bow.  I kept the RPMs low so it wouldn’t be too uncomfortable for the passengers and the cameras.

High tide = easy gear schleppage back to our cars.  WooHoo!

Nice people.

Fun day.

One Response to “Wreck of the USF NH and Coolidge Point”

  1. "V" Says:

    We are now licking the crumbs of the proverbial cookie jar. 🙂

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