Enough Blue to Make a Pair of Dutchman’s Britches

A sailor would know the weather was clearing if there was enough blue in the sky to make a pair of Dutchman’s britches.  How much blue is that, you would ask?  Ah, well.  That’s where experience counts.

We had a day of predicted rain and cloud cover.  The rain held off and the cloud cover couldn’t get its act together.  There were high, white cirrus clouds:

Cirrus clouds

Then, under them, were roiling gray waves of moisture – nimbostratus:

Nimbostratus clouds

Nimbostratus clouds

It was surprising to see small patches of blue peeking between the big billows of dark.

So we went to Folly Cove with LD, Pete, The Captain and me.

We dived to find more friendly flounders for the video and to take any additional footage that happened along.  Pete was scootering and returned to report he’d spent almost 1/2 hour underwater and used only 800 lbs of air.  LD shot cunners going crazy over a former sea urchin.  I waited for the second dive to get into my newly dry Atlan (thanks to Margaret of United Divers who repaired the neck seal).

Pete and I picked the second site just outside the point at Folly, but before N*ked Man Beach.  The water was about 25 feet deep over boulders and crevasses with lots of hiding places for critters.  The water was 61 degrees and cloudy above the thermocline and very clear below it.  But you had to pay the price of temperature in the low 50s to experience it.  I decided to stay warm.

I found an abandoned lobster trap and teased out a big decorator crab who posed quietly for the video camera.  What fun.

We returned to the marina without any rain having happened.

Good day.

One Response to “Enough Blue to Make a Pair of Dutchman’s Britches”

  1. "V" Says:

    You lucked out!

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