Two Eggs Over Easy

Well.  We finally made it to Egg Rock for some concentrated videoing.

The weather couldn’t have been more accommodating.  No wind.  Hardly a breeze from the west.  Upper 70s above water and 59 under it at the first site on the northeast corner of  the rock.  I put the anchor in the midst of a debris field from some wreck without a name.  Peter saw it.  I didn’t.

We had Bill Low and Alan Hicks aboard with Pat Walsh and Peter Donahue as crew.

The water was relatively clear at times.  We had 20 feet of visibility interspersed with 5 feet.  There had been storms last week from the southeast and the water was clearing slowly.  But it was warm.  What a concept.

I filmed a school of mackerel right under the boat.  I had seen the water churning as we dropped anchor.  There were some diving birds that took flight as we cut the engine.  I think they had been fishing for these fellows.  The fish were long and sleek with vertical stripes and seemed to be circling under the boat’s shadow with their mouths open.  The first ten feet of ocean was the furriest, so maybe they were taking advantage of the buffet.  They looked like this picture I found on the interwebs:



Bill and Alan circled the area looking for adventure.  Pete was hunting too.

We moved to the other side of the rock for the second dive.  The anchor was in about 40 feet on the northwest side of the island.  Here the low sun was illuminating the rocky bottom brightly.  I found some big cunner and a black fish or two.  The bottom at 55 feet was 56 degrees.  I’ve hosed in my Atlan dry suit and was able to stay really warm and toasty the whole time.

We got some great footage of crevasses and canyon walls with lots of fish both big and little, but all inquisitive.

There was a fishing boat anchored in front of the cave at the southwest corner of the rock, so we couldn’t do the fly by sequence The Captain wanted.  Maybe tomorrow.

Everyone agreed that it was great conditions and super diving.

Pat drove home and even docked the boat.

Super day with good people.

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