Hot and Breezy

It certainly didn’t feel like October 9th.  More like July 9th.

The air was in the lower 80s and the water was 59 degrees.  How wonderful for fall diving.

We had Tim Maxwell and his scuba student, Mark, along with Bill Low, Alex Shure, and raffle winner, Adam, from the Northshore Frogmen.  Crew was Peter, Pat and Veronica.  The Captain was planning to video with Alex and I drove the boat.

Alex, Adam, and Mark had never been to the wreck of the USF New Hampshire, so we set off for that site for the first dive.

As we pulled up to Graves Island, we spotted Fran Linnehan on Down Under with a group of divers just leaving.  Another boat with Arnie P. and Jack Munro was still anchored on what looked like an active dig.  There were lots of bubbles rising from one place near their boat.

We anchored right over the wreck so Mark would be sure to be able to see the “gold” spike.  It’s not gold of course, but we tell beginners there’s only one on the whole wreck and as they descend onto the ribs in the sandy bottom, their eyes get very big as they see the glimmer of one of the sawed off copper pins.  They really do shine just like gold.

We motored up the coast a bit for the second dive at Diver’s Leap.  It’s below a bluff in Manchester-by-the-Sea and the giant stride you’d need to use to do a shore dive here is why it got that name.  The water was lots clearer here since no one was digging for treasure.  It was still warm at 59 degrees at 20 feet.  The sun heated us up in the shelter of the cliff and I was sorry not to have loaded up with SPF 50.

We enjoyed Veronica’s treats and Alex’s apples for snacking.

The trip home included a bow wave breaking over the anchor chain as we plowed up the Annisquam River on a fast outgoing tide.

Good time.

Nice crowd.

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  1. "V" Says:

    ahhhhhh! it was such a nice day!

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