Doing a Magellan

We traveled far and wide to find a good dive site today.  In fact, we drove all around Cape Ann in the course of our search.  Hence the title of this post.

We had Bob B. and Bill Low aboard with Pete and Pat as crew.  The Captain established the direction and I drove the boat – and picked the site.  I call it Lands End, just outside Loblolly Cove in Rockport, MA.  We’d driven around earlier in the morning to see if the predicted NW wind would leave us anywhere that was relatively calm, tolerably clear, and not too deep.

When we exited the Annisquam River into Essex Bay, I noticed that the wind had picked up from the NW.  It was an outgoing tide with low at about 1:30PM.  The top side of the island didn’t look that good anymore even though it had been fine at 8AM.  So I kept going.  Past Lanesville Shores and the tip of Folly Point and on to Halibut Shores and into Rockport’s Sandy Bay.

There was breaking surf on Cathedral Rocks and down towards Granite Pier.  It didn’t look good at Gully Cove because the wind was from the NW.  So I kept going.  Through the cut at Straitsmouth Island and out towards Thacher Island.  Now there were rollers and breaking surf on the rocks at Whale Cove and the north side of Loblolly Cove too.   But it looked good on Loblolly’s other side.

So, we dropped the anchor in about 20 feet of very clear water, it turned out.  The bottom was sandy with rocky outcroppings.  I followed the remnants of several electrical cables that must have failed over the years and just been replaced with another one instead of fixing the broken one.  There was one very big lobster in a perfectly sized cave/hole.

I also saw a bevy  small silversides or sand eels being chased by a group of pollack.

The water was either 53 or 55 degrees depending on whose thermometer you believed.  All agreed that the visibility was great at 20-25 feet.  I could see the boat from the bottom at 25 feet.

The videoing wasn’t too successful because there wasn’t much moving except for the pollack which were very skittish.  I did try to get their images as they flew past, but the camera doesn’t appreciate having nothing to focus on and they weren’t movie material as a result.

We had fun.

Good time with wonderful friends.

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  1. "V" Says:

    still….no dogfish….:-(

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