The Rapture?

Today we were diving on the south side of Graves Island, near the current dig site for spikes from the wreck of the USF New Hampshire.

I dropped into the water with my video camera, hoping to see something interesting.  After cruising around big boulders and down ravines, I headed shallower.

It looked like a scene from the aftermath of that religious group’s belief that the end of the world was nigh.

The Remnants of The Rapture?

The Remnants of The Rapture?

The first thing I saw was a ratty old DUI drysuit boot, smooth sole up, wedged in a crevasse.  Coming over the crest of the rock, I saw a gleaming yellow force fin with the strap slipped down below the heel.  Right next to it was a weight belt with blue webbing and a wire buckle.  Along side was a blue catch bag with critters in it.  This was downright spooky.  Did The Rapture happen today?  Was Pete elevated to heaven so quickly that this gear of his was left behind?  Nah.

Maybe he had some equipment problem and ditched everything to make it to the surface.  But why only one fin?  And why the DUI boot?

I picked up the shoe and the fin and aimed for the surface to check.

There they all were, on the stern of Easy Diver, yelling at me to stay right where I was and not to move.  Huh?

Turns out Pete had been digging out a spike when he saw a lobster that needed to be coaxed out of its hole.  During the coaxing, he unknowingly undid his weight belt buckle. As he turned to pick up the gauge on the catch bag he’d laid aside, the belt slipped off completely.  He tried to swim down to get it, but the struggle caused one of his fins to come loose.  He continued to try to swim down, but with only one fin and no belt, he didn’t make any headway.  In the process, his boot came off and drifted to the bottom just out of his reach.  I think there was an f-bomb or two as he scootered back to the boat to get another belt and fin for the recovery dive.

I came across the remnants of this episode and, as I surfaced, he realized that his take on the bearings of the stuff was off.  He needed me to stay on top of them and he’d follow my bubbles down.  OK.  Got it.

He quickly arrived on his scooter and proceeded to don the first weight belt over the second one he’d gotten from the boat.  Then he tried to put on the DUI boot, but soon gave up and shoved it into the catch bag.  As he pulled on the Force Fin, he pushed the button on his DUI suit that admits air into it.  He rose out of sight with the scooter and the catch bag.  No lobster.  No spike.

It sure had us laughing all the way back to the marina.

And later, over a Dagwood at Halibut Point restaurant, we had another good laugh as we recounted the details.

Great fun.

Super pals.

3 Responses to “The Rapture?”

  1. Liz Calhoun Says:

    what a sight i’m sure!

  2. V Says:

    Oh my *&^%ing God! Hilarious! only pete could get away with a stunt like that!

  3. Kathy Says:

    Wait… did you seriously think that Pete would get sucked up to heaven by the rapture before any of you? C’mon now….

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