Getting Started Again

Our first charter of the season was today.  We had George and his son, Chris, as well as Linda from UMass Medical School and LD.  Crew was Pete and Pat.  The Captain maintained order.

Because Chris wanted to get a spike, we motored out of Gloucester Harbor down to the wreck of the USF New Hampshire.  The water was cold at 46 degrees and the air was only a little warmer at 48 degrees.  Skies were grey but there was only a little wind.

Here are Chris and George on the bottom with visibility of about  5-7 feet in about 20 feet of murky water.

Chris and George at USF New Hampshire

We made a second dive behind Kettle Island and it was a little clearer  – about 10 feet on the very bottom.  I think that was the case because the tide was high and the “whale snot” that filled the mid-water space wasn’t as prevalent on the bottom.

One Response to “Getting Started Again”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Brrrr…the air temp was cold and windy.Never mind getting your bum wet.

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