Colder Than Predicted

Today was predicted to be clear and sunny, but started out cold and cloudy.  We loaded the boat under dreary skies with a stiff east wind.  The divers on board were LD and Alan Hicks.  Crew was Pete while The Captain strode the deck.

Since yesterday’s second dive site had relatively good visibility, we decided to return to the back side of Kettle Island.

Alan donned his wetsuit for his first dive of the season in 46 degree water with an air temp of 47 degrees.  Brr-r-r.  Here’s a picture of him checking his air in about 25 feet of green ocean.

Alan Hicks at Kettle Island

LD and I arranged to video a shot with him and his camera with its lights blazing.  Although I spent the first half of my dive just cruising around looking for him, I was able to find him before my hands got too cold.  Here is his reaction to a light’s arm that wouldn’t stay deployed.

Patience, LD, patience!

We all agreed that one dive was enough for today, so we made our way home while the tide was still  high enough to allow for an easy trip up the ramp with our empties.

Can’t wait for warmer times.

One Response to “Colder Than Predicted”

  1. Veronica Says:

    LD is back! 🙂
    OMG Even the photos look cold…brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….
    Hopefully I will be able to join you “band of crazies” in two weeks.or so…

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