Trying Out New Things

We had LD and Alan Hicks aboard today with Pete and Pat as crew.  The Captain oversaw the episode.  I wanted to find somewhere that Alan could practice with his new drysuit.  I chose the wall side of Folly Cove.  Here’s Alan underwater, courtesy of LD:

Alan Hicks at Folly Cove in His New Atlan

We learned from Pete that the water was 50 degrees, but the visibility was only about 15 feet as the tide bottomed out.

The second dive was across the cove at the stone wall near the Lobster Pool restaurant.  It was deeper here – 40 feet – and colder too – 46 degrees.  But the visibility was markedly improved to over 20 feet on the bottom, below the crud.  Here’s a shot of a scarlet psolus that LD shot:

Scarlet Psolus at Folly Cove Restaurant

We were pleasantly surprised to have the conditions improve over here because the wind was from the NW and that was producing some chop.  Apparently that didn’t affect the deeper denizens at all.

You’ll note that both frame grabs were from LD’s.  Somehow, I managed to shoot the whole day’s video on “telephoto” and didn’t get anything centered in the frame.

The return home was smooth and, on the climb up the steep ramp, I got blasted in the face with the hot wind over the asphalt parking lot.  It was certainly over 80 degrees on land.

2 Responses to “Trying Out New Things”

  1. Alan Hicks Says:

    I’m happy to see LD’s camera is OK! Thanks all for guiding me through the mysteries of the drysuit! Good times with great people!

  2. Veronica Says:

    Nice photos indeed. It still looks *&^%ing cold!

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