It Could Have Been Better

Here’s the only picture of the day:

Chris Waxing her Atlan's Zipper

Chris Waxing her Atlan’s Zipper

The weather was supposed to be clear and warm.  Huh.

As we pulled under the Blynman Bridge into Gloucester Harbor, the sun was completely clouded over.  The air was in the low 60s – and cooling off.

We had LD onboard with Pete as crew.  The Captain determined that LD should learn to drive the boat, so we took turns coaching him.  He pulled out the of slip, made a 360 degree turn, and proceeded to the gas dock for a fuel tank top off.  Then he took it under the bridge because we could.  The tide was almost low and there were two or so feet of clearance.

The best south shore dive sites were already obscured by fish weirs.  There was one at Kettle Island and another one at Saddle Rock.  LD pointed out two more that were being deployed at Egg Rock and down further towards Manchester-by-the-Sea.

We decided that the wreck of the USF New Hampshire was our best bet.  The diggers agreed.

There was absolutely no wind at all.  The tide was almost all the way out.  We anchored right over the wreck and as I descended the anchor line, I noticed it was slack.

On the bottom, the gloom was complete.  There were deep troughs in the sand ripples and each was filled with sea weed shards.  There was “whale snot” in the water column and not much light on the bottom at all.

I swam around looking for a protected place behind the island that might have better visibility than the 5-7 feet I was experiencing in the 50 degree water.  No such luck.

I tried to video an abandoned lobster pot in the hopes of finding its resident decorator crab.  Nobody home.

I cut the dive short and headed back for some warmth.

Upon doffing my “drysuit,” I confirmed that the coldness wasn’t just psychological.  My suit DEFINITELY needs a new zipper.

Oh well, there’s always next weekend.

2 Responses to “It Could Have Been Better”

  1. saintatlantis Says:

    Of course the zipper leaked…..on the coldest day and beginning of the season

  2. saintatlantis Says:

    Hey Chris! I figured out how to use the gravatar to post the little icon/photo. Yippe! 🙂

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