A Whole Lot Better

Well –

The weather certainly did a turn around for today’s dive.  There were light winds predicted from the south with clear skies and low humidity.  Temps in the upper 60s.

We had Patrick M from RI with us as well as LD and crew members Pete and Pat.  The Captain was suiting up for real today.  I drove the boat.

I picked Lanesville Shores for the first dive.  It looked calm and as the anchor sank below the bow, I could make out the rope as it descended.  That would make for a clear dive, I thought.

Sure, enough the water was 50 degrees and visibility varied from 20 feet down to less than 10 where the others had passed by.

The Captain got into his Atlan drysuit with his new HD underwater video camera only to have its controls cause a black screen when he tried to start it up underwater.  Here is a shot of his consternation at the multitude of buttons/controls/levers/arms/poker thingys inside the housing:

Cal Fiddles with His Camera

Cal Fiddles with His Camera

As his irritation grew, the stream of bubbles turned a little blue, I thought.

We had no need to go anywhere else, so we stayed right there for the second dive.  I was in Pete’s DUI while my Atlan gets a new zipper from Margaret at United Divers in Somerville, MA.  He is a little bigger than I am and it leaked around the neck seal.  I was damp inside, but not overly cold.  I guess the thrill of actually diving on a nice, calm day was stronger than the shivers.  Here’s a picture of a happy diver, taken by LD:

Chris Smiling as She Exists the Water

Chris Smiling as She Exists the Water

We finished with a flat ramp and a general agreement that this had been a super day.

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