Beaufort 0

The Beaufort scale measures wind speed and wave conditions.  Beaufort 0 is what we had today – flat calm seas and zero wind.  The air temperature was pleasant in the mid-60s.  Perfect-o.

We had two members of the Northshore Frogmen, Jeff L. and John M.  They were  joined by LD.  Pete was crew.  The Captain got wet and I drove the boat.

We drove up the Annisquam River to the north side of the island and experienced these perfect conditions first at the restaurant at Folly Cove.  I had nosed around Halibut Point a little just to confirm that we had the best of all possible situations and was met with about a 10 degree drop in temperature, surging waves around the rocks and rollers coming in from the east.  Not as good as we’d already seen, so I held the helm over in a gentle U-turn and dropped anchor just off the Lobster Pool in about 30 feet of water.

LD found a group of nudibranchs to video and saved me some still shots for this report:


Nudibranchs – Red ones Laying Eggs


Nudibranchs – Brown Ones Laying Eggs

We’re not experts in identifying nudibranchs, but Jerry Shine is.  His book is my next purchase so I can be sure what I’m seeing.

There were other critters on this dive too:

White Anemone

White Anemone

Northern Red Anemone

Northern Red Anemone

As you can tell, the water was clear and the visibility was fine at about 20 feet.

The second dive was at Lanesville Shores where the conditions were about the same – WONDERFUL.

We all had fun and hoped these days continue far into the future.

2 Responses to “Beaufort 0”

  1. Kathy Says:


  2. saintatlantis Says:

    Great shots as always LD!
    Yes, sunday started to feel like the summer!

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