Nudibranchs R Us

We had a great time today.

It was cloudy and muggy with very little wind.

Air temp was 72 and the water was 55 on the first dive at Mitchell/Dodge/Bartlett Rock in Rockport.

We had Linsley and Kevin Mordasky, Linda and Kerry Hurd, with Diane  K. as well as LD.  Everyone was in quickly to explore this site that we rarely visit.  It has huge split boulders and lots  of rubble.  I descended into a group of pollack who paid me no mind.

Visibility varied from 10 – 15 feet and was very green.  The clouds kept the ambient light low.

We were interested in more video of nudibranchs, so we went back to the mouth of Folly Cove for the second dive.  LD wanted to show Kerry where he’d found lots of them last week.  Here’s the two of them as they settle into the place:

Kerry and LD in Nudibranch Locator Mode

Kerry and LD in Nudibranch Locator Mode

Kerry said there were very large red-gilled ones – a couple of inches long.  He said they were among the most numerous in this area.  I have to take his word for it, because I haven’t received Jerry Shine’s book yet.   When I do, then I’ll know more.

Peter lost and retrieved his own weight belt and noted that the water was 52 degrees at 50 feet.

The skies cleared as we returned up the almost flat ramp.  It was sunny and HOT.

Summer is here.


One Response to “Nudibranchs R Us”

  1. Veronica Says:

    water temp at the surface at Salisbury beach was about 60F. Some people were going in, well, kids really. I got an “ice cream headache” just on my ankles.

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