Better Than They Predicted

It was cooler and dryer and sunnier today.  All in all, better than we’d hoped.

Divers included Jacki K., Bill Low, Gary from the Northshore Frogmen and LD.  Pete was crew.  The Captain was in his Mares semi-wet suit and I dove in one of Pete’s DUIs while Margaret at United Divers repairs the zipper on my Atlan.

We made the first dive at Lanesville Shores, near Tide Rock.  We anchored near another dive boat that was very luxurious and had many spectators/family on board.  The breeze was fresh from the NNE and sent rocking waves our way.  It wasn’t a smooth set but we were looking for a weight belt that had been lost a few days ago (and didn’t find it).

In 25 feet, the visibility was about 20 feet, according to Pete.  He also found the first “too big” lobster of the season.  LD caught several.

Moving around Folly Point for the second dive, I chose the rocky promontory off the Lobster Pool restaurant as the anchorage.  I was looking for more video subjects.  Here’s a frame grab from Jacki’s descent next to the boulders:

Jacki K. Descends

Jacki K. Descends

It was 52 degrees on the bottom but the visibility was 30 feet or more.  You could see it opening up as you hit the bottom of the down line.

After finding a nudibranch all by myself, we parted ways as my air got low.  Later she said she’d seen a beautiful on one on the edge of a kelp frond.

We motored home with a following sea – not the most comfortable kind for a smooth ride.

Tomorrow we get to do it again.


One Response to “Better Than They Predicted”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Sounded like fun!

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